How to Clean External Windows In 5 Easy Steps

How to Clean External Windows In 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning windows can be a chore, but when their outer part needs to be cleaned, we are talking about an entirely new world of trouble. If you want to know how to clean external windows as effectively and efficiently as possible, we’ve got you covered.

Being very unpleasant for home and business owners to deal with, tall windows are even easier to maintain if done regularly but fortunately require skill and patience. Therefore, the experts at Exterius thought we’d share a 5 easy steps on how to clean external windows, you need to have in mind if you are planning external window cleaning.

External Window Cleaning in 5 Steps

1. Consider the cleaning method

Cleaning your windows on the outside is a venture that will require a lot of proper planning. Prepare yourself mentally for a long day or two of cleaning. Depending on which floor your windows are located on and their number, you will have to come up with a convenient cleaning method.

There are a few ways, which you can use to reach these high windows. Using a strep or extension ladder is one of them, but sometimes it might not be possible if there are obstacles on the way up, preventing you from climbing. It could also be relatively demanding, if you constantly have to re-adjust the ladder.

A telescopic pole is another flexible way which would allow you to get around the height difference. It might be a little bit inconvenient, since it is a bit more physically demanding, but it would help you get the job done.

Scaffolding is another option, however if you live in a building with multiple apartments, it could create an inconvenience and complicate things a bit with your neighbours if you want to do it yourself. A combination of these methods, would also work.

Large modern office building, how to clean external windows

2. Take a day off

Once you know the plan of action, you can start planning the date as well. Make sure to leave yourself enough free time to take care of all the windows. There is no need to rush and feel pressured by time, especially if you are going to be climbing, in order to clean.

Select the date and make sure you have everything prepared, for the cleaning, before it arrives, so you would not waste any time. Consider the weather conditions as well, as the last thing you want is for your freshly cleaned windows to be ruined by rain on the very same day.

3. Get your tools ready in advance

Depending on the method you will be using, prepare your cleaning materials and tools. You should do it the day before the cleaning, to avoid losing time in preparation. Select a detergent, sponges, microfibre cloths or a squeegee, a bucket and all the other tools required to reach those high-altitude windows.

This will allow you to plan out how you will be taking them up or using them from the ground and allow you to secure them accordingly. If you are using harsh detergents or simply your skin does not tolerate them, make sure to use protective gear, such as rubber gloves.

4. Keep in mind

Now that you are ready to go there are a few things that you should remember in order to be as safe as possible or to simply avoid poor results from the cleaning:

– Do not lean outside of your window. It’s better to come up with another safer cleaning method.

– Be careful, if you are using a ladder. Leaning too far to the side could be dangerous and it takes just a second of not paying attention to get hurt.

– Avoid cleaning windows during the summer, under certain circumstances. The strong direct sunlight might end up messing up your windows, leaving streaks and smears.

– Rainy days could also ruin your clean windows, so check the forecast too.

– If you will be climbing, limit the amount of objects you carry up and secure them, so they cannot fall.

Window cleaners on tall high office building, how to clean external windows

5. Start cleaning

So now that you got everything set, all you have to do is:

– remove any layers of dirt with a cloth

– apply the cleaning solution with a sponge or another tool

– wipe it off with another cloth which is dry (alcohol-based solutions might not need this and the following steps)

– rinse with clear water and dry off with a cloth if it still has streaks and smears

– enjoy your shiny windows

Those are some of the things you need to consider when about to do external cleaning for your windows.


Instead of toiling over how to clean external windows as effectively and efficiently as possible, you could hire a professional cleaning service, which would help you avoid all of this pain and skip to the enjoying part straight away. Hiring a cleaning service saves you all this trouble, and will be much faster and more efficient.

At Exterius, we are specialist facilities management providers, offering a wide range of services from cleaning windows, facades, walls and gutters, but also offering security services and grounds maintenance. If you want to give your windows a shine, we would be more than happy to help you! We can easily reach windows which are up to 65 feet high, we have top-end equipment and years of experience behind our backs, so make sure to contact Exterius today!