The Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaks

The Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaks

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One of the most annoying things that can happen, after you have spent a decent part of your free time cleaning your windows, is for them to get streaks. Sometimes the result can turn even worse than their initial condition and since we know your pain, we will show you the best way to clean windows without streaks so you know exactly how to do it with maximum efficiency.

There are three major reasons for the appearance of streaks – the heat of the sun, cleaning without removing dust and leftover cleaning solution. It could also be any combination of those, so let’s take a look at what steps you need to take to avoid window streaks.

1. Heat of the sun

There is a good reason why people avoid cleaning the windows of their home in the summer and it is due to the scorching sun, which will make your windows look as if you are just about to start cleaning them after you just did. Now, not everybody has the luxury to clean their windows once in a while, like a good portion of the businesses, so in this case, you will need a way around that issue.

The best way to clean windows without streaks is to do window cleaning as early as you can during the day. Always try to deal with the sides, which do not experience sunlight exposure at that time of the day, too. This way you will avoid the heat evaporating the liquid way too fast, which leads to streaking by the other elements in your cleaning solution. You will still need to pick one of the less scorching days to do it, because even without sunbeams onto the windows, it is still possible to receive streaking on a very hot day.

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2. Dust build-ups

With so much abuse over the years, the less often you clean, the higher the chances are that there is a lot of dust build-up on and around your windows. Passing through with a microfiber cloth to trap those particles, before you start using liquids and cleaning solution, will reduce the chance of smears and streaks.

By removing the dust, you will significantly reduce any chance of accidentally mixing dust with your cleaning solution and potentially making a mess of your windows. Remember, dust is much easier to deal with, while it is still dry. Dusting in advance is a good way of removing various other debris as well.

3. Bad cleaner or washing it out poorly

Improper washing off of the cleaner can also result in streaks and smears. Even the cleaner itself can be the culprit here, so always make sure to get the right one. The hotter it is outside, the slower you would want your cleaner to evaporate.

Always make sure to use dry and clean towers to remove the cleaning solution completely. You could either prepare yourself a bunch of them or simply use a squeegee to remove the excess water.

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The Perfect 5 Step Window Cleaning Method

Choose the right home remedy or cleaner and get ready for washing.

1. Wipeout dust with a dry microfiber cloth to prepare the surface of the window

2. Prepare the cleaning solution and apply it on one side of the window, keeping it even with top to bottom movements, until you have covered all the way to the other side

3. Take a dry cloth and clean the window around the upper edge

4. Use the squeegee or cloth and move it from top to bottom until an excess solution is removed while making sure to change to a clean side of it often if using a cloth

5. Use dry microfiber cloths to finish the cleaning process, by keeping up with the straight, even, top to bottom movements, while always switching dirty cloths

With this, we hope you have found the best way to clean windows without streaks and should have your windows ready to go and absolutely streakless and satisfying. In case you need a helping hand, we offer all kinds of facilities management services, so we could give you a professional helping hand, so make sure to get in touch with us!