Graffiti Prevention – Your Definitive Guide

Graffiti Prevention – Your Definitive Guide

Graffiti can breathe life into an old building or a wall. When it comes to a business building, though, graffiti is hardly high up on the list of things that you, your clients or your workers want to see, especially when it gets offensive. That’s where graffiti prevention comes

This is why preventive measures are important. There are a few things, that can help you minimise the risk that your building would fall victim to graffiti vandalism and we would happily share them with you:

Your Definitive Guide for Graffiti Prevention

1. Vegetation or fencing

Whether you have a yard or not, one simple way of making it tougher for vandals to ruin the scenery at your business building is to plant shrubs around your walls. A healthy and beautiful shrubbery, guarding each side of your yard and buildings, will make it a tad harder to reach and will discourage any graffiti enthusiast from leaving their mark on your walls.

On top of that, shrubs will make your business even more attractive and a pleasant place to visit for everyone, adding great value to your grounds, a sense of tidiness and professionalism. You could also go a step further, in terms of security and consider vines as well.

Fences are also an option. If there is a way to add fences around your grounds, you would save yourself a ton of headaches, too. A fence is tougher to climb and much less attractive as a graffiti target than a wall is. No artist would want to try to express themselves if the majority of the message would not even be visible.

Most fences are also generally not that expensive, which makes them an ideal investment, especially for areas which are not very populated.

2. Add surveillance and security guards

While it can be expensive, adding surveillance to your grounds, will surely yield great results, when it comes to graffiti prevention. The possibility of being identified and held responsible, or even the idea that there might be a guard who is already on their way, is effective prevention, which would discourage anybody from unleashing their creative potential on your walls.

Add to that, the sense of security you will offer to anyone who walks through the doors of your business. Businesses that do not take security lightly, are always much more attractive to future customers and employees.

While guards go along great with surveillance, adding both at the same time can be harsh on the pocket of a business. Still, adding a security guard is another easy way to ensure that your walls will remain graffiti-free. Guards are additionally great for your business, as they can provide great customer service, offering security and information to your prospects and workers.

Brick building with CCTV camera, Graffiti Prevention

3. Apply anti-graffiti coating to your walls

Where possible, this is one of the easiest ways to avoid graffiti damage. Even if the surface of your wall stills endures graffiti damage, cleaning would be much simpler, than it would be otherwise. Different variations are available for brick, concrete, steel and more, so you have a wide range of choice.

Such coating can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary ones are much more affordable, however, a permanent one will provide a better return on your money in the long run and is much easier to clean any graffiti remnants from it.

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In case you have already suffered vandalism and graffiti on your walls, Exterius can help you with both the removal of the damage and help you with its prevention of future ones. Our professional graffiti removal services will leave your walls shining once again. We also offer manned guarding which will keep vandalism away from your business, with highly trained and well-mannered employees, who will always add value to your business. Make sure to give contact Exterius with any questions you might have!