How to make your commercial space look better!

How to make your commercial space look better!

The secret is Ground Maintenance Services!

You are probably asking yourself what exactly is ground maintenance and what does it involve? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Imagine that your businessis a book, that you worked really hard to write.However, what if the cover of your book is not all that attractiveand you could definitely do something to improve it and make it more appealing?Your grounds are your coverand the first thing a potential client sees before walking into your building. 

Why you should invest in ground maintence services

This is why a clean and well kept look for the outside world is extremely important. Your grounds are your first advertisement and proof that you are a professional and well-kept company that pays attention to every detail. Remember the devil’s in the details. 

Improve apperance of commercial property

This is where we come in. Here at Exterius Facilities Management Ltd, we make sure that your ‘’cover’’ is maintainedto perfection. That it shouts “we are professional, smart,reliable and you can trust us to pay attention to every detail’’. Letting us handle the cover of your book is a step into the right direction, when it comes to makinga great impression for every client or employee, who isvisiting your grounds.

Qualified staff? We have it all

Both season and annual programmewith services that include grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed control, leaf collecting and litter picking. We will discuss and detail everything and create a schedule so both you and our operators know exactly what is due. Communication is the key and we make sure to communicate with you all the time so you can know exactly what we are doing and that we are taking good care of your grounds. Clear open planning and weekly visits on schedule. Our operatives are all NTPC qualified and trained and they have also gone through our internal training courses and DSB security cleanness. They are highly experienced, with many years in the sphere behind their backs, know exactly how to make your grounds shine and are more than happy to do that for you. 

Your grounds will always be kept in perfect condition!

Something we take pride in,is that we have used the finest industry equipment for many years. After all, you can`teat soup with a fork. When we are presented with a specific scenerylike a lawn or a hedge, we make sure to use the right sharp blades and serviced mowers to create the right experience and end result. 


Some of the brands we have been using for over a decade now are John Deere, STIHL and Husqvarna.