How To Repel Pests In Your Garden Naturally

How To Repel Pests In Your Garden Naturally

A beautiful garden requires a lot of maintenance to keep on shining and fighting off pests is one of the absolute must in order to achieve your piece of heaven. Still a lot of people ask this common question; ‘how to repel pests in your garden naturally?’ If you would prefer taking a bit of a more hands down approach, so to not have to kill said pests then this post is for you!

We ourselves absolutely love maintaining gardens and we realise how important every detail is important, to create more attractive grounds. In this article, we will take a look at a few ways that you can prevent pests from making their way into your garden, ruining the view and feeling for you and your customers, while also doing it naturally!

Repelling Garden Pests Naturally

1. Plant Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a simple way for you to protect your garden from many of the pests that might plague it. Ticks, lice and fleas are a small number of the pests that these beauties will keep away from your grounds. Chrysanthemums are a neurotoxin, which is lethal to a lot of insects, so by default, those same pests will be avoiding your garden at all costs.

2. Rely on Basil

While this one will not directly keep your plants safe, it is a good option if you want to have both a water source and a resting spot on your grounds, this is exactly what you need. Mosquitos and house flies hate Basil and you could easily use that to your advantage, by planting it around your resting spot using pots, deterring these pests away and allowing you and everybody else to relax.

Potted basil plant, How To Repel Pests In Your Garden Naturally

3. Marigolds can be very effective

You will love this one because you get another beauty in your garden, but you also offer shelter to live which would naturally take care of any pests that try to dine on your garden plants. Apart from that, their scent also works like insect repellent and are another good way to deal with mosquitos, too.

4. Petunias are also great

Boosting the appearance of your grounds with petunias will also keep your garden safe from some pests too. Now they are more effective with protecting vegetables, however, if insects try to snack on your garden and stumble upon a petunia instead, they are in for a very unpleasant experience, getting stuck and eventually dying.

5. Lavender are peerless both in scent and looks

Can’t miss that heavenly scent, as it can be an easy favourite in every garden. Insects can also not miss it, but instead of attracting them and leaving them in awe, lavender is pushing them away. Yet another fantastic entry to consider for your garden adding looks and great feeling too.

6. Nasturtiums

Another vibrant and beautiful addition to your garden which will take care of aphids and whiteflies for you. Whether you make use of pots or simply add them to any flower bed, you will surely enjoy them and the insects in your garden – not so much. The chemicals they release are a good warning for insects to not approach.

Those are just 6 of the amazing options out there that you can use to beautify and protect your garden even further. If you would like, we, at Exterius, can also offer you our expertise.

We offer a multitude of facility management services, with grounds maintenance being just one of them. Manned security, external cleaning and surface restoration, are among the other troubles we can take off of your hands, so make sure to give us a call!