Bad Garden Weeds You Might Not Want

Bad Garden Weeds You Might Not Want

While it is not a secret that there are many weeds that can play a part in beautifying your garden, there are also those that will do nothing but hinder your gourds. While the type of weeds we will list is not optimal for most green spaces, that does not mean they won’t do well with the right maintenance.

Whether you are maintaining your personal garden or your business grounds, you have surely heard of some of those. With that said, here is a list of some weeds you might not want in your garden:

Identifying bad garden weeds

1. Creeping Charlie

While not necessarily an eyesore and actually capable of bringing a great look, when it behaves, Creeping Charlie is a weed that is very tricky to handle and requires way too much effort to keep at bay. Known as ground ivy, when it gets its violet colours, it can be very pretty to look at and can add to your ground’s aesthetics.

Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to control and in most cases, it might end up trying to take over your garden, which in turn can hinder the progress of your other plants. That would also spell doom for any flowers you try to add to the ranks of your greenery. Getting rid of that one is tough, so one of your safer bets is to use mulch.

2. Crabgrass

While not as prevalent as it is in the US, Crabgrass is still one of the weeds you would prefer not to have in your yard. Just like ground ivy, these pests of a plant will greedily hold on to all the nearby resources, eventually causing you a ton of trouble with everything else you would like your garden to feature.

Where ground ivy has the redeeming quality of looking relatively nice at times, no such thing can be said for crabgrass. It is an extremely fast grower and super intrusive and in pretty much any weather. Just like ground ivy, it is extremely hard to control and having a few this year, which are left without any measures to prevent, will most definitely will multiply their number a year later.

Large outdoor garden, Bad Garden Weeds

3. Common Ragweed

Talk about annoyances in your garden aesthetics. Apart from a not very attractive look, common ragweed can also be unhealthy. Especially when it comes to people who already suffer from pollen allergies and other respiratory issues, this weed is a sure way to ruin the beauty and serenity of your yard, bringing in a whole new set of troubles. This weed is nearly impossible to stop, as it can travel giant distances and both as a seed and a grown plant, it’s still very persistent. Talk about a tough weed to get rid of and this one will definitely come to mind.

4. Bindweed

The previous entries are persistent, but bindweed gives another meaning to this word. With roots easily reaching over 6 meters, creating whole root systems and the ability to spread seeds which can start growing many years later, this plant-smotherer is one of the garden nightmares, which no gardener wants in their yard. Mulching in time or digging deep in order to destroy as much as you can from the root systems, are among the viable ways of dealing with this trouble.

Small patch of grass, Bad Garden Weeds

Those are a small number of the weeds you should look up and protect your garden from as soon as you identify. Keeping your garden weed-free is important for your home as well as for your business. We at Exterius, specialise in multiple facility management services, with commercial grounds maintenance services being one of them, so if you need a professional hand in the fight against unwanted weeds or a beautiful yard in general, we would be more than happy to offer our expertise on the matter!