In House vs Outsourcing Facilities Management

In House vs Outsourcing Facilities Management

Should you add more positions in your company for a cleaning, security or maintenance staff or rely on an FM company? Without a doubt, many business owners experience this dilemma before making the final decision. As much as a business person would love to do those stuff themselves so they can be perfectly executed, there comes a point, where time is simply not on their side. Both options are viable in their own way, so we will take a look at what either means for your business. Here’s in house vs outsourcing facilities management explained:

In-house crew for cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to hiring an in-house crew, two things always come to mind – security and convenience. Having your own crew, which works for your own company is not a small deal, as it is much easier to attune them to the needs of the company and you do not have to deal with another party in the process. It is extremely convenient because in case you need their services urgently, they would be on the spot and able to tend a matter immediately.

Manual worker inspecting exterior surface, In House vs Outsourcing Facilities Management

There is the other side of this story, though. While having your own maintenance teams will help you deal with a lot of those troubles, quickly, it does not mean that their quality of work will meet the standard you require. In order for them to do a great job, you will have to spend plenty of resources so they will go through the proper training, you will have to provide the equipment required and make sure they are paid, regardless if you need them 5 times a week or just once.

So let’s look at the pros of an in-house crew:

  • Instant reaction
  • They are part of your business, offering security by knowing who exactly works for you
  • You can re-adjust pay more easily
  • Easier Communication allowing you more control over them

While the cons are:

  • It can take a long time to train a crew
  • Additional facilities for the crew and the equipment will bring you more expenses
  • Equipment and supplies expenses
  • The number of benefits and insurances that you will have to pay for your in-house crew, no matter if they perform a job or not
  • Even with the right equipment, there might be cleaning and maintenance jobs, that your in-house crew might not be able to perform if they are not trained for them

Relying on a facility management company instead

On the other hand you have FM companies, which are trained to do exactly that – cleaning and possibly other types of facility management. What are their major strengths? The experience, skills and equipment. Having a professional handle the maintenance of your office building is much more likely to yield the results that you expect.

Since this is their job, a facility management company staff are bound to be equipped with all the tools required, to deal with the most challenging of tasks. People working there, specialise to provide those services, bringing years of experience to the table as well.

Large commercial building, In House vs Outsourcing Facilities Management

Pros of facility management services:

  • Flexible plans – you can choose for a one-time job or hire for regular facility management and you get exactly what you pay for
  • Highly trained personnel will always leave the fantastic result
  • A lot of experience
  • All the tools required to perform complicated cleaning and maintenance tasks in general
  • Top-end equipment, because of their line of work, ensuring peerless results
  • FM companies often have multiple crews that can deal with various issues, while the in-house team would be able to deal only with the things they were trained for

Cons of FM Services:

  • If an immediate need arises, they will not be there instantly
  • Communication is slightly more inconvenient since you are reaching out outside of your company
  • The FM service crew is not part of your company

The bottom line on in house vs outsourcing facilities management

When it comes to in house vs outsourcing facilities management, while having your own maintenance crew can be much more convenient for you, hiring, training and supplying it will cost you much more in the long run, than hiring a FM service, whenever the need arises. There are many different services out there that will help you achieve amazing results.

Here, at Exterius, we provide are specialist high-quality facilities management providers, whenever it is convenient for you, whether it is regarding the maintenance of your grounds, the security of your facilities or cleaning your windows and facades so they would look as good as the day they were built. Leaving your facilities to our care will ensure that your business building and grounds will always look peerless to any visitors, leaving only the best impressions, so make sure to book your appointment with us!