Why Your Gutters Need Regular Cleaning

Why Your Gutters Need Regular Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is hardly the favourite job for any homeowner, however, it is important to do it regularly too. Debris and leaves can easily make it in there, clogging it and rendering your gutter unable to work as intended. This simply invites trouble every time it rains or it snows. The gutter is one of the major shields for your home against the snow and the rain, so if you have not done any gutter cleaning recently, you should definitely take care of it and at least once a year, at that. Here’s 5 reasons why your gutters need regular cleaning:

1. Water will damage your walls

Without a properly functioning gutter, you and your walls will have a bad time. All the water which would normally go through the gutter, into the drainpipes and away from your building, will be flowing down your walls, destroying the exterior of your home and eventually making it into your interior too. Mould formations and paint peeling off are just a few of the possible issues, caused by excessive moisture. If you are experiencing those after rain or right after the snow starts melting, then it might be time for quality gutter cleaning.

External view of house gutters and roof, Why Your Gutters Need Regular Cleaning

2. Too much moisture can damage the foundations

When the water spills right from the gutters, it is not being directed away from your building, which can make it soak the soil around your foundation and eventually compromise it. Excessive moisture can cause the foundations to crack, or the soil around them to expand, both of which can lead to a lot of problems down the line.

3. Your gutter can break

With debris and leaves blocking off the water flow, but also getting heavier as they are wet, a gutter could easily break. Add to that the water filling the gutter to the brim and there it goes. Especially during heavy rains, bending and breaking of clogged gutters is a common occurrence.

4. Health related issues

The damp spots which will be created from improperly drained water and overflowing gutters can become a hazard as well. The formation of mould and the poorer air quality resulting from them can be the cause of respiratory infections, asthma and even allergies.

5. Your gutter might become infested

A number of animals can find uncleaned gutters attractive for them to nest, which could open a whole new world of trouble on its own. Insects, like wasps and mosquitos or even birds can choose to make a new home out of your clogged gutters, which will be heavy on your pocket down the line, in terms of maintenance and a hazard up until then.

Black and white zoomed in photo of city building gutter, Why Your Gutters Need Regular Cleaning

We hope these 5 reasons why your gutters need regular cleaning have helped you understand the potential benefits and savings! Gutter cleaning will surely keep you away from hefty bills, when it comes to maintenance or health related issues!

The good news is, that you do not have to do it yourself. We at Exterius, have the expertise and the right equipment to offer you an exceptional gutter cleaning services! We do gutter cleaning, regardless of the height of your building and we also have a camera with which we can show you a record of the process, before, during and after it, so make sure to book your appointment.