4 Reasons To Consider Manned Guarding Over CCTV

4 Reasons To Consider Manned Guarding Over CCTV

Both CCTV and manned guarding can be very beneficial for the security of your property, however each of them offers different benefits to it. We would like to offer you our take on why you may want to consider manned guarding over CCTV.

Manned Guarding Over CCTV.

1. Manned Guarding is more reliable

The sight of a security guard on the premises is much more likely to discourage thieves, than CCTV is. While CCTV can offer very good evidence and if operated properly, can offer a very fast reaction against any malicious behaviour going on your grounds, it simply cannot offer the same effect, compared authorised security personnel.

Manned security services offer intimidation, with their very presence, which by default reduces the chance that you will even have to deal with a similar situation of theft. Tricking a guard would be much harder than doing so for a sensor or camera. Also, CCTV can be restricted by its field of view, however, a security guard would not be just able to see an accident occurring, but would be able to hear it!

2. Instant reaction

CCTV is amazing when it comes to analyzing the details of an accident, but not so much when it comes to the reaction time. Even with an operator, keeping track of every monitor and all cameras can be a challenge, allowing a lot of free time for malicious acts against your property to progress and even conclude. This puts into question, to what degree is CCTV a deterrent for crime. On the other hand, you have security guard teams ready to go, on your grounds, that could instantly alert the appropriate authorities and other members, if there is something fishy going on. Nothing beats quick diffusion of a situation by a dedicated team on the spot, to act in the event of a disaster, burglary, theft or vandalism.

Manned guards Vs CCTV

3. Guards can offer more than just surveillance and security

While having guards protecting your property can be expensive, the value that they can add for you is immense. A security guard can take action in the event of extreme weather conditions, to protect your property. In the event of a hail, fire, floods, chemical leaks or other similar events, a security guard would be able to take quick action in calling the appropriate services or even de-escalating the situation themselves.

They can act as guides for your clients, providing them with useful information or simply bringing order into unruly lines. Security guards can also de-escalate a situation with a client, who is causing issues for other clients and personnel. Security can take various other tasks from the hand of your other employees, so they can concentrate on their work, too. For example, if papers need to be transferred over to another section of the building/grounds or simply the other counter, your other employees would not need to leave their station to do it.

4. Less false alerts

Having guards on your grounds can prevent many false alarms, which are far more common with CCTV. Oftentimes CCTV and motion sensors are combined to provide more security, but this also leads to a lot of signals that just end up being triggered by bad weather, animals or even forgotten security codes. This simply creates more stress for the owners.

On the other hand manned guarding services provide teams on the ground, which can communicate with each other, assess situations better and significantly reduce the possibility of a false alarm, avoiding the unnecessary involvement of authorities and fright for the property owners.

Those are just a few advantages of manned guard security services for your home and business, over the CCTV alternative. Here at Exterius, we offer multiple facility management services and manned guarding is among them, too! Make sure to give us a call, if you want your property to be safe, while being looked after by highly trained and well mannered security guards!

Security guard walking through a city street, manned guarding over CCTV