Stop chewing gum, reducing the appeal of your property

Sadly, chewing gum is still a huge issue that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It is a habit that is all well and good whilst the gum is in the mouth. However, the negative side to this habit is that “chewers” have the sad urge to throw the gum or spit it out wherever they please.

This is often the case at the entrance to the venue as the “chewers” need to get rid before they enter or as the fresh air hits them.. whoosh there it goes for everyone else to walk into the entrance mat, your car mat or even worse… stays stuck in the tread of your shoes forever!

Clean chewing gum from your property with our expert gum cleaning backpack, enjoy the look of a more immaculate property and no longer deal with stains and marks. Our chewing gum remover service is effective and perfect for cleaning up office buildings, shopping centres, pavements and more, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner looking property.

With decades of experience in the industry, our gum removal service provides skilled staff who use industry-rated equipment to ensure that every job is completed to a high standard.

Speak with the dedicated team at Exterius today; our chewing gum removal serves the Coventry area, the Midlands, and the entire UK.

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Chewing Gum Removal Service UK

Our Chewing Gum Cleaning Machine

Our dedicated team are at hand to ensure that your property is backing looking in its original standing with our gum removal service.

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Our Chewing Gum Cleaning Machine

No longer deal with chewing gum stains on your property ground. Our dedicated team are at hand to ensure that your property is backing looking in its original standing with our gum removal service. Have a look at how effective it can be for you. At Exterius, we have two solutions to this issue; we can remove the gum via two methods that vary on the specific environment settings on-site.

  1. We can remove the gum using our van mounted steam cleaning system; this is good for large open space areas where an initial “attack” on the gum is required before switching to a maintenance program. This allows for a quick hit to bring the site to a high standard before an event and can be put in place; we operate this van mounted option during day and night sessions.
  2. The 2nd option to remove the gum, which is particularly good for high footfall in busy areas, is our battery-powered backpack system. This uses a sugar-based chemical to assist with the breaking down of the gum, heated up to around 100c with the assistance of the steel wire brush head – the gum simply disappears!

In many environments we work in, the program involves an initial impact visit out of hours with the van mounted system to bring the gun levels down to zero and then followed a month later by the first monthly maintenance visit by the backpack team during the day. This will ensure the gum is no longer a sticky subject on every property or FM’s to-do list; it is a planned preventive program to put an end to this.

Chewing Gum Cleaning UK

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  • How to remove gum from pavement?

    At Exterius, our skilled team uses industry-rated equipment to remove gum from the pavement and give you a cleaner looking exterior. Speak to the expert team today to clean your property.

  • How to remove chewing gum?

    Chewing gum can be very hard to remove, especially on surfaces such as pavements, where it can be further pushed into the ground by people walking and stepping on it. Exterius uses the gum removal backpack to target gum and gum stains, leaving your property looking clean.

  • How to remove chewing gum from concrete?

    We either use the gum removal backpack or our steam cleaning equipment; we remove chewing gum from concrete. Call us today to book your chewing gum removal and get your property looking perfect again.

  • How to remove chewing gum stain?

    Chewing gum, once removed, can often leave stains behind that are unattractive, which is why we offer a service that can not only remove chewing gum but help restore your property to its original condition.

remove chewing gum stain