Professional Window Cleaning Reaching up to 75ft


We offer the ultimate professional commercial window cleaning in Coventry and the entire UK using only the best technology and highly trained cleaning operatives in the UK. Based in Atherstone and covering the whole Midlands and UK, you can count on Exterius to make your windows sparkle.

Our professional window cleaners use hot water from the tap and through 7 mega filters to give us chemical and mineral-free water. Our LPG heated water burns through air pollution, smashes bird mess, stares down greasy marks and laughs at dirty and dull windows. It can be heated from 30c to 75c and mixed with pure water and leaves your windows looking mirror like – it is stunning.

Providing a reliable, trusted window cleaning service to shops, offices and other premises across Birmingham, Coventry & any surrounding areas. So, if you’re looking for professional commercial window cleaning for properties such as offices, contact Exterius for a free quote.

Office window cleaning

Why Choose Exterius Window Cleaners?

  • Experienced Family Business
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Skilled Window Cleaners
  • The Highest of Standards
  • Professional Equipment
  • Health & Safety Conscious
  • Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Cost Effective Cleaning
  • Tailored, Bespoke Services

Office Window Cleaning Services

Exterius offer experts internal and external commercial window cleaning in the UK. We use only the very latest in carbon fibre reach poles. They range from 4ft to 75ft in height, are super strong yet super light and they give us great control on the glass.

We clean from the floor, ladders free, wearing high vis, and an 8mm hose with trip signage. Our uniformed operatives promise to deliver a quality and safe office window cleaning.

Internal Office Window Cleaning

Exterius do not carry buckets of water and a dirty old rag during our internal commercial window cleaning. We have hundreds of fresh microfiber cloths, washing machines to wash these overnight and encourage and train our operatives to use plenty of them.

We use traditional hand kits of a mop and blade, with water applied direct to the glass via pressure sprayers which eliminates the risk of carrying buckets of water into your premises and knocking it over. We have several internal poles that we used to avoid over stretching and ladders – We really are experts in office window cleaning!

Reach Pole Window Cleaning

Exterius Facilities Management have been providing commercial window cleaning since 2003. We have experience servicing hotels, health clubs, hospitals, conference centres and schools across the country.

We use carbon fibre telescopic reach poles to clean from the ground up to 75ft in the air all day long! We can also provide external window cleaning via MEWP if required. All team members are IPAF trained.

Our internal window cleaning service is delivered using traditional hand cleaning methods supported by telescoping internal reach poles and hop ups where required.

All RAMS are provided with special attention paid to the laying out of hoses, cones, over reaching and external weather conditions.

Exterius window cleaning vans carry 725ltr of 4x filtered pure water, they are 2-operator ready and can assist on a frequency of visits to suit your needs.

If you need your window cleaning requirements reviewed please book a Site Survey to pull on our experience and give you a guide on how we can get your clean and streak free again.


  • We get really busy from mid morning for the rest of the day, could you come early?

    Of course we can, our working day starts at 06:30 so we can be in and out before your peak footfall.

  • Unfortunately our restaurant does attract sticky fingers, will you be able to remove these?

    Sure we can, we add a degreaser to our internal cleaning method which removes grease instantly and for greasy fingers on the outside… 75c hot water wins hands down (no pun intended).

    Please note we do not offer residential or home cleaning.

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