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Our security company near Coventry offer security guard services throughout the UK. Exterius Facilities Management Ltd recognise the fact that security is of paramount importance to your business, the maximum effort that you and your teams put in day after day – it needs to be protected when you are not there and tightly managed when you are there.

In these times of a global pandemic, personal hardship, terror and crime we constantly review our practices to ensure we are delivering a proactive and professional security services to our clients. Get in touch for a free quote for our security guard services in the Midlands.

The days of the night watchman are thankfully long gone or at least they never arrived at Exterius! We employ career professional Officer’s who wear our corporate uniform with pride. We insist that all of our officers are immaculately presented when they arrive for duty, if you look smart then you work smart – if you can’t dress yourself with pride, the chances are then the officer isn’t motivated and that access barrier is staying in the upright position all day!

There can also be a need for our services to be more clerical than “security”, generally speaking people take their site security more seriously these days and they rely on our Officer’s to counter check manifests, run sheets, visitor arrival role calls and much more. We are generally the first person your visitor, planned or unplanned, get to meet and at Exterius we take that role very seriously.

  • SIA licenced & trained Officers
  • Available Full Time 24/7/365
  • Over 45 years industry experience
  • Retail Parks, Distribution Centres
  • Reception, Gatehouses & Concierge
  • Complete guarding service
Manned guarding Coventry West Midlands
Security company Coventry West Midlands

Providing Security Guarding Across the Midlands

We complete a 6 monthly review of our written Assignment Instructions, these are compiled together as a team – customer, Exterius and our Officers with the aim to keep asking ourselves if we can work smarter and more effectively, can we be better? These Assignment Instructions are our SOP’s – the Standard Operating Procedures for the service delivery of YOUR site, they are the written instructions that cannot be misinterpreted and will offer clear guidance when referred to in time of emergency.

This all begins by listening.. to you the client. What is it that you feel needs improving, what can we add, what is your current provider not supplying or fulfilling, how are you finding the current Security Team, what is your feedback on them, are they motivated and most importantly what do you see YOUR security department looking like and how do we work back to delivering this vision.

It is common that by the time we had met, had a coffee and allowed you to tell us what you believe you need we can go away with a thorough understanding allowing us to provide you with a Site Survey, detailed proposal document and a road map of how we can get you to that end goal… a proactive and integral security department.

Bespoke security packages provided

Exterius Facilities Management Ltd is a business just like yours and we also look at our costs, value and productivity as we know that security can be an overhead that can be seen as not offer a return. This is where we like to provide evidence and detail of just exactly what we have been doing during our shift.

This can be a number of USP’S that we offer such as a daily movement log which is emailed to key personnel and Exterius Management each morning that details the comings and goings of contractors, visitors and deliveries etc. over the previous 24-hour period. This detailed email service allows us to report any health and safety or maintenance issues as well. It is an example of how important communication and accountability is to us.

Over our many years experience in the security industry, we realise there is no 2 security contracts the same – getting security RIGHT takes time and evaluation. For sure, gatehouse security is gatehouse security but it is YOUR security and control that must be personalised.

We do not offer other security services that potentially water down the focus on service provision, we do not offer lock/unlocks, key holding or mobile patrols, we do not offer “bouncers” or Door Supervisors or dog handling… we provide industry leading security guarding in the form of a quality Security Officer.

Bespoke security packages
Manned Security Guards in Coventry and the West Midlands

Why choose Exterius Security Contractors

  • Family owned and ran
  • Monthly client meetings
  • 6 monthly service reviews
  • Daily Movement e mails
  • Full Site Survey & RAMS
  • Safe Contractor accredited
  • And much, much more


  • What is TUPE?

    First of all, don’t panic! We have a vast knowledge of TUPE and it’s full meaning of Transfer of Undertaking – Protection of Employment. We will liaise with the incumbent provider and their H.R Team to ensure a full, detailed and swift exchange of your Security Team.

  • I really like our Security Team, will you look after them?

    For sure we will!!! Believe me, without our Teams, we are nothing but an empty room! Where TUPE allows, we try and operate a structured rota pattern, rotas sent out monthly, weekly Management welfare visits, wage slips e mailed at the end of the month, direct access to the Office and encouraged to form strong working relationships with everyone in the business!

    Please note we do not offer residential or home cleaning.

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