Why is it important to have regular facade cleaning?

Why is it important to have regular facade cleaning?

It is relatively easy to forget that your business building is a part of your business. Once its construction is paid and done, the focus shifts towards  management and profits, leaving facade maintenance behind. Sometimes we end up hiring window cleaning services, but when it comes to the facade, unless it falls victim to vandalism, it rarely receives the needed attention. But what if the construction we are working in, is way more similar to us than we think? What if having a facade regularly cleaned, is as important as taking care of our own body? Architect Adolf Loss once said: “The house has to please everyone, contrary to the work of art which does not. The work is a private matter for the artist. The house is not.” The same rules apply to our workplace – it has to be visually pleasant to employees and inviting to potential customers, promising that the results produced inside are also top notch.

Your building represents your business

The appearance of your building is extremely important for your business because when well maintained, it can be a show of professionalism and reliability. A well-maintained facade makes it far more likely to attract new clients. Would you rather trust someone who looks messy and untidy or someone who is taking care of themselves? The place where the business lives can be perceived as a reflection of the room of the owner and we all know that a messy room is not going to leave our guests charmed.

With that said, regular facade cleaning will also have a positive impact on the performance of your employees. A clean, shining workplace, will make any employee proud and keep them well motivated. A clean building also means that the owners care about details and are keeping their mind on their image, not just on making money.

Exterius Facade cleaning

Longterm investment

Facade cleaning

Just like our bodies can be negatively influenced by the environment, the facade of your building can suffer from factors like the weather and air pollution for example. Prolonged exposure to those negatives, can lead to more serious damage to your building. Cracks, displacement, corrosion, leaks are just some of the potential complications you should try to avoid. It costs nothing to rub the chewing gum off the walls but different rules apply when it comes to restoration. Brickwork repairs usually cost from £20 to £30 per square meter plus £200 to £300 per day for an expert to do that. Take your time, do the math and you will see why regular facade cleaning can save you from unexpected, high expenses.

A mirror of your work culture

Your workplace is a mirror of your work culture, this is why you must maintain it regularly. It is an image of the place where all the magic is happening and, in a way, it is even a little passive marketing trick. Just as we take care of ourselves and dress up in fashionable clothes, it is important to take the same care of our business. Taking care now means avoiding unexpected damage and saving not only money but also time, energy and focus. It is always more pleasant to see insects and birds in nature than nesting somewhere inside your walls or on them.