What solutions EXTERIUS FM can offer for your windows?

What solutions EXTERIUS FM can offer for your windows?

Commercial Window Cleaning Services 

We at Exterius Facilities Management Ltd, offer you the newest technology and perfectly trained window cleaning operatives. 

We use hot water that goes from the tap and through 7 mega filters that give us chemical and mineral-free water. This is just the thermo therapythat your windows need. 

There is nothing like taking a hot shower after a rough day at workand a window’s workday is something,that one could hardly be envious of. Fresh, clean and ready to glow.  Your windows will look as good as new, once we are done cleaning them and best of all – you won`thave to lift a finger to achieve that.

Our special LPG heated water burns through all the air pollution, removes any bird mess and destroys greasy marks, making your windows shine bright like diamonds. After all what are the windows, if not the main jewelry of the building? 

Industry Leading Window Cleaning Services 

Okay, we already established that we have fantastic hot water, but how does it get up there onto the glass? 

For our external commercial window cleaning service, we use top tier carbon fibre reach poles, which range from 4ft to 75ft in height. They are both extremely strong and light and allow us to reach the toughest spots and make a short work of any dirt or stains on the glass.

As for the internal commercial window cleaning, we use fresh microfibre cloths, we have washing machines to wash these overnight so they can always be switched with clean ones after getting some dirt on them. 

Industry Leading Window Cleaning Services

Why do all this work, only to end up wiping the drips with a dirty cloth? After all, we are polishing the jewelry of your building, so our company makes sure to use only the best resources possible. 

Here at Exterius, we also use traditional hand kits of a mop and blade. Water is applied directly to the glass via pressure sprayers that eliminate the risk of carrying buckets of water into your premises and spilling it all over the place. You will never see us carrying buckets of water and dirty old rags, thanks to the multitude of alternative professional tools that we posses.

Our priceless telescopic poles are being put to use to avoid overstretching and ladders and help make the whole process faster and easier.